Hallowed Construction LLC was founded by Mike and Patty Hall in February of 2017. Mike Hall has been in the Construction Industry for over 20 years. Working for other companies has been the guide to opening Hallowed Construction LLC. By seeing the need for affordable and reliable construction that lasts, we believe that the process begins in the first meeting. A home will fall quickly without the proper foundation and we believe that the foundation is with you. Our foundation also began on a construction site, and you could say it was contracted love... sorry, I had to say it. We were married in 2015 and already working on the plans for Hallowed. We are each married to our best friend, and it shows. Mike handles all of the day to day construction while Patty takes care of the book work. It is the responsibility of each team member to actively ensure that our business has a positive effect on Ourselves, the Customers, in the Communities, and on our Colleagues, by the work we perform and the image that we portray. Our crew is hand-picked by the owners Mike and Patty Hall for their work ethic and customer service. Respect and courtesy is the foundation of anything that we do.

Thank You for all you do!!

Mike and Patty Hall